Technological University of the Shannon (TUS)

University, Limerick (Ireland)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Partner since: 2014

Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (TUS) is a multi-campus university with over 14,500 students, spread across six colleges throughout Ireland’s Midwest and Midlands region.  TUS was established on 1 October, 2021. With campuses in Athlone, Clare, Limerick and Tipperary, TUS benefits from an already strong and vibrant history of education and learning in the wider region and plays a strong role in sustaining and enhancing this identity for generations to come. TUS vision is to deliver excellence in multidisciplinary research practice and encourage collaboration between researchers and strategic European and global partners in industry and academia. The aim is to advance the key research priorities relevant to the region, aligned with national and European research priorities, and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest has a world leading research infrastructure which inspires and enables transformative research, development and innovation. 

Testimonials on the Internship

Being an engineer with an expertise in the sector of the environment, with an ambition to develop myself more in the project management and European projects field, I wanted to choose an institution with similar interests for my internship. For this reason, I have chosen Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) in Ireland. LIT is a very well-known institution in Ireland with a development unit focusing on carrying out European and national projects with the majority of them being focused on environmental subjects, such as energy conservation. Therefore, I was really happy for carrying my internship there. Mr. Seamus Hoyne, my tutor during the internship is a very experienced project manager and engineer with deep knowledge and experience in this field and provided me a lot of knowledge that will be useful for my professional evolution. From my very first day of the internship I was involved in a multitude of activities which provided me a lot of practical knowledge concerning European projects as well as some aspects of management in general. The knowledge I got during my time in Florence helped me significantly to carry out all these tasks and I am really happy for my internship choice. After the end of the internship I got a limited time work offer in the institute to assist them on completing certain tasks that were initiated during my internship, which provided more knowledge. After my cooperation with LIT ended, I got a job offer from a private consulting company in the SME instrument programme, located in Las Palmas. Limerick (Ireland), June 2019
by Gerasimos M. (Greece)
I have done my internship at Limerick Institute of Technology in Ireland. I worked as European Project Manager Assistant within LIT’s Development Unit. The Unit is composed approximately by 10 staff members and all of them are extremely welcoming and kind. It has been a great pleasure to work together with them. My tutor of the internship has been Seamus Hoyne, the head of the Development Unit, that even if he was overloaded of work on that period, have found always time to answer my questions and follow my work. I get the opportunity to acquire more competences and apply the knowledge acquired during the courses at Pixel, especially on Erasmus+ project writing. I totally recommend to all future students the placement experience at LIT for both professional and human dimension. Limerick (Ireland), November 2018
by Simone G. (Italy)
My first priority was LIT, IRELAND. I was really glad to find out that I was accepted. SOON AFTER, I went to work and learn for 3 month from Ciaran Lynch, the development manager at Limerick Institute of Technology. LIT is involved in a whole number of projects related to energy and sustainability, as well as some education and traning related projects. The internship itself was very interesting. I participated in a number of project meetings, managed and participated in the research of several different projects, wrote different reports and strategies, colloborated with project partners and submitted application, participated in conferences and workshops in different towns, and even met a president of Ireland M.D. Higgins. Ciaran Lynch is a great person to learn from as he is a master of all trades and a former professor as well, so he has a lot of patience to explain and answer all your questions. You may also work with Seamus or other people in the team who are all very supportive and kind. It was a great experience, and I definitely miss LIT already. ... Unfortunately, I do not have European passport, otherwise, I would probably have stayed there... Limerick (Ireland), June 2014
by Anna T. ()