Seamus Hoyne

Technological University of the Shannon (TUS) , Limerick (Ireland)

Role: Dean of Work Based Learning

LIT has been happy to host a number of students on the European Project Planning and Management Masters programme. The this partnership has value for us because we get to bring an enthusiastic student into our team to engage actively with our partners, experts and networks to build and manage new projects and proposals. Within the LIT Development Unit we have a particular focus on sustainable development and work on over 30 EU projects connected with this field. Our team are therefore extremely busy and value the additional resources of the Masters student who can support on multiple tasks and projects.

Our work experience plan focuses on giving the student an experience of at least 1 EU proposal on which they actively work and 1 current EU project which they contribute. The proposals/projects are agreed with the student so that it aligns with their interest areas and needs.

We have worked with Pixel for many years and value our strong relationship, partnership and friendship. We have been delighted that students on the programme have gone on to secure excellent jobs building on their experience with us and the students in the Masters, and we are delighted to keep in contact with them on a regular basis.