Stefano Corradi

"I was immediately given the position of project manager"

Role: European Project Manager

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I attended the 8th edition of the International Master “European Project Planning and Management”.

At the end of the classroom-based part of the Master, I carried out an internship experience at eMundus and Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), in Lithuania.
The internship has been a very valuable experience as it provided me with many opportunities to put my knowledge at test and obtain new skills. I worked on all aspects of European project, from writing to management, from implementation to dissemination and exploitation. I cooperated on the production of intellectual outputs, dissemination material, impact tools and participated to several online project meetings, where I had the opportunity to meet new contacts and enlarge my network.
Although I could not end the internship in Lithuania, due to COVID-19 outbreak, the project manager gave me the opportunity to work from distance. The last month proceeded smoothly as the rest of the internship. I worked on new applications and continued participating to project meetings from home. In the end, the whole internship had a very positive impact on my professional and personal growth. I have made a wonderful experience, gained new skills and competences and learned a lot about myself.

At the end of the internship, the project management asked me if I wanted to continue my smart working cooperation with eMundus, on an occasional basis. I accepted and started carrying out small activities. Working in the middle of a pandemic is definitely hard, but luckily, I was able to keep myself busy and continue to learn more and more about European projects and funding schemes.

At the same time, I kept sending job applications all over Italy, looking for new opportunities.
I became member of a young association in Ancona, called Communia. They immediately gave me the position of project manager in one of their Erasmus+ projects and the opportunity to collaborate with them on new funding opportunities. Aside from this job, I have started new collaborations with other Italian organizations as a freelance, while continuing my previous cooperation with eMundus. I carry out most of my work from home, but I hope to start travelling soon and meet new people from all over the world.

Ancona, September 2020