Aní Asatrian

"The Master served as huge input in my further career growth, development and life itself."

Role: EU Funded Projects Consultant  

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I attended the fourth edition of the International Master “European Project Planning and Management”.
The Master served as huge input in my further career growth, development and life itself. My goals and objectives were achieved during the Master, which were to get knowledge on EU funding opportunities and their applying methods. After 3 month classroom based lectures I have got an opportunity to present my curriculum for an internship program.

After receiving the successful results on the interview I stated the 3 month internship in Innolabs Srl., Livorno, Italy. I have got a valuable opportunity to get known with professionals who experience the world of EU funding program opportunities for more than 10 years as well as I turned my theoretical knowledge into the practice.
The professional team was always very attentive and they were always involving me in all activities. Under the guidance of my supervisor I participated on follow up of the ongoing projects, took a participation on partners kick of meetings as well meetings aimed for reporting on the project's deliverable.
Besides the ongoing projects I actively participated on the design and development of the new project ideas and the proposal writing for these projects. The presented projects were, mainly in the fame of Horizon2020 and ENI CBC Med Program.
In the frame of the Internship program I developed my negotiation skills, enlarged my network, by enriching it with mainly international contacts and future projects partners.

The internship experience served as bases for my further career development and the decision to move from my native country Armenia to Italy for a long period. After successful 3 month internship program in Innolabs srl I have got an offer from my supervisor to continue the collaboration. The accumulated one year experience in the field of EU project writing and management enriched my curriculum.

Currently I am working in another Italian consulting company named Novareckon Srl based in Novara.

Novara, May 2018