Guillermo Luis Christ Cespedes

"I work as a Project Manager for a multinational company."

Role: Project Manager

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 Back to 2015, working as an Engineer for an Aerospace company, I had my first experience as a team member working on a project. Soon after, I had the opportunity to coordinate a project. It was an experience that changed my life: I decided to become a Project Manager!

I started to think what I needed in this moment to become a “PM”. The answer was clear for me: SKILLS.

So I started to search for Masters, Trainings, Post Graduate Courses and so on and I found the “International Master in European Project Planning and Management”.

I attended the fifth edition and from the beginning I felt that It was one of the best decision that I took in my professional life. The 2-month classroom based training gave me a vast knowledge of how to plan and manage a project. A very important added value was a multicultural experience with classmates from different part of the world (very important to lead an international team and work on Transnational Projects). It had absolutely a huge positive impact in my professional life at present.

In addition, and one key factor to succeed was to choose the right place to do the practical part of the master. I took into consideration my background, in which direction I wanted to go in terms of career path (in my case 100% technical or related with technology), the language of the country as another added value, the possible job opportunities at the institution and in the country (because immediately after finish the master a wanted to start working), and many other reasons. I have to say that I am more than happy because I did my internship at the Limerick Institute of Technology! It gave me the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the intensive months of study, as well as very strong skills that I am now applying in my professional life. The LIT colleagues involved me since the beginning of the internship in all activities related to writing proposals, managing existing projects, contact partners, engage stakeholders, and so on.

During the internship I got 3 different job offers, 2 in European Project Management and 1 in the private sector. I chose the private sector and all knowledge gained during the class and skills developed during the internship are also 100% applicable.

I am currently working as a Project Manager for a multinational company, leading Product Development Projects for German and Chinese customers. At the same time, I am certifying as Lean Six Sigma Green Belt now.

My next step is to become a PMP before end of 2018.
I am more than satisfied with the results of the International Master in European Project Planning and Management!

Turin, December 2017