Irene Aragona

"I was chosen by the British Council EU Affairs Department in Brussels"

Role: Project Manager  

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I hold a MA of Arts in European Studies at LUISS School of Government. I always thought to be more suitable for very concrete, down to earth jobs, which is precisely why I decided to attend the International Master in European Planning and Management: it enabled me to go beyond the "theory" concerning European Union and to have a grasp of what European projects were and how they worked in practice.

After the three month period in Florence, I went to Porto to intern at Inova Mais for three months: my tasks concerned mainly supporting EU consultants in carrying on activities of project implementation, which consisted in drafting parts of project' reports, carrying on desk and data researches.

After the internship, I continued to collaborate with Inova Mais as project manager at Mentortec for other three months, subsidised from Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs fund.

After that,  I was offered an opportunity at the British Council EU Affairs Department in Brussels. It has been the most fulfilling working experience so far: I have so far supported the application process of three project proposals, one of H2020 and two of Erasmus plus, by suggesting partners for the consortium, writing and editing core parts of the project description.

The best advise I could give to those of you who think to start a career as European Project manager is to be proactive, enthusiastic and, most of all, cold-blooded when facing obstacles. 

Brussels, June 2017