Loredana Ceccacci

"I see the master at Pixel as a turning point, when I posed the basis of my career as European project manager."

Role: European Project Consultant 

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I’m a sociologist and I attended the second edition of the master in European Project Planning and Management organized by Pixel in 2013 – 2014.

European projects were at that time a rather new world for me, and the master gave me a great opportunity to acquire competences in writing successful project proposals and getting familiar with the dynamics of project management.

During the course, I met interesting people from many different countries and I enjoyed the exciting and challenging atmosphere. I chose to spend the internship period in Germany, at BUPNET, an adult education provider with a long-term experience in European projects. During my internship at BUPNET I have been involved from the very beginning in the submission of project proposals under the Erasmus+ and Life Programmes. I enjoyed my time in Germany very much, my tutor and the colleagues supported me a lot and made me feel part of the working team from the first day.

At the end of my internship I was offered to work as European project consultant for the cooperative blinc eG, based in Germany, where I am currently working from Italy. I write project proposals and support the management of European funded projects.

Once back in Italy I also started to work at Evodevo, an Italian innovation company specialized in Artificial Intelligence based software products. In Evodevo I'm responsible for national and European funded projects and studies in the field of ICT Reseach and Innovation.

Looking back at my professional path, I see the master at Pixel as a turning point, when I posed the basis of my career as European project manager.

I recommend to future students at Pixel to make the most of the master experience by studying hard, discussing and sharing views with course mates and trainers, enjoying the international atmosphere and being proactive and committed during the internship.

Rome, September 2017