André Henriques

"I am currently working in INOVA+ as European Project Manager"

Role: European Project Manager

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I joined the 3rd edition of the Master in European Project Planning and Management in 2014-2015 after a three years’ experience involved in a EuropeAid project of International Cooperation and Development. I decided to apply for this Master due to the combination between theoretical and practical approach and particularly the possibility of the internship at an experienced organisation in planning and managing European-funded projects, as a first step to proceed working in this field.

I consider the Master as an excellent opportunity to acquire or consolidate an overall view of the different funding opportunities made available by the European Commission and also to consolidate the knowledge regarding some project planning and management concepts related, across all stages of a project lifecycle. The way the Master is structured makes it suitable to participants with various levels of experience and the variety of backgrounds brings an added value to the group.

In my case, I completed the internship at Innolabs, a small consultancy company in Italy focusing on scientific research and innovation projects, mostly in collaboration with other Mediterranean partners. It was a very good opportunity for me to participate directly in the preparation of project proposals and in the implementation of ongoing EU-funded projects, but also in terms of relationship with other project partners, management of the consortium, identification of project opportunities and development of project ideas. I had the opportunity to extend my collaboration with Innolabs for almost one year and to be actively involved with their network of project partners.

In parallel, together with other two colleagues from the Master, we launched CODEC Europe, a NGO based in Belgium and that is currently active in EU-funded projects, mostly Erasmus+ and European Voluntary Service. We saw it as an opportunity to implement our own project ideas and to have an active role in the field of Education, Training and Youth at European level with our network of contacts and also to put in practice the learning and experience acquired during the Master.

I am currently working in INOVA+ as European Project Manager/Innovation Consultant in an EU-funded project. INOVA+ is also a partner of Pixel and one of the opportunities to do the internship proposed through the Master.

I consider that the participation in the Master, together with my previous background and professional experience, was a very important step to follow my goals and to proceed my career path as European Project Manager.

As a personal advice, I would recommend future participants in the Master to explore the network of contacts built during the whole Master, starting from the colleagues, trainers and later the internship. And also to use the final project as an opportunity to submit and prepare a real project proposal, because it is a great exercise to put into practice the theory learned during the Master and coordinate the preparation of a proposal from the early beginning until its submission.

Brussels, September 2017