Patricia Martinez Saez

"I was offered a job at AEIDL, in Brussels, and I am currently working there as European Project Manager"

Role: European Project Manager

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 After finishing my Bachelor in Law and Political Science at the University of Granada and a Master Degree in European Studies, I attended the third edition of the Master in European Project Planning and Management organized in Florence by Pixel in 2014 – 2015. The Master course was a very good experience. The knowledge gained during the Master and, above all, the tips and the experience learnt through the long list of experts in different EU framework programmes who work on it, have meant an enormous added value for my professional career. Apart from living a pleasant experience in Florence and making friends with whom I still have a great relationship, I obtained a full transversal knowledge regarding project management, its monitoring, planning and evaluation which nowadays I am putting into practice in my job as a Project Coordinator Assistant of EU funded projects in Brussels.

The Master organized for me the internship in the non-for profit organisation Conex-Europe. The internship was a great professional experience. My colleagues were always very welcoming and helped me a lot by advising and supporting me in everything I needed. Furthermore, which I appreciated the most was the fact that they always encouraged me to develop my own project ideas, motivating me to be proactive and to carry on working on this. I have learned a lot about different sorts of project, mainly in the area of International Cooperation and Development, such as human rights protection, social inclusion, education, employment, social responsibility and sustainable development. They work very actively and are running several projects in the above mentioned fields, which was very useful in order to learn a lot during my internship period. I’ m sure this training has been key in order to be selected afterwards in another European Organisation.

After the internship, I stayed in Brussels where I could get a position as Project Coordinator Assistant of an H2020 project about Social Innovation. In addition, I actively work in the preparation of new call for tenders and call for proposals as part of the Business Development Unit of my organisation. Therefore, I have been working in the EU project management field since I did the Master in Florence, where I could gain a deep insight of all the programs which I am currently implementing.

Brussels, May 2017