Luca Giacani

"I received a call from Glasgow, offering me what became my present job"

Role: European Project Manager

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 After my graduation in International Relations at Università degli Studi di Perugia in 2010 I spent one year in Albania and six months in Ukraine, working in cooperation to development projects of the Italian government and of the European Union.

The next step was specialising in European Union project management procedures, in order to start planning and managing those projects I enjoyed as a participant.

The Master in European Project Planning and Management organised by Pixel in the Autumn of 2013 was the best choice, as it enrolled highly specialised professionals with positive track records in Research and Innovation projects (7th Framework Programme) and education (Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, etc…). The professional level of the lecturers was of primary level, and we got a deep understanding of all aspects connected with the planning and management of a European Project: how to build a successful consortium and coordinate with partners; how to plan activities and distribute roles and responsibilities; how to plan and manage a budget; how to successfully deal with threats and problems.

Having the possibility to specialise in the field of European Project Planning and Management in the very months when the new Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programmes where entering into force represented both a risk and an opportunity: the guidelines and working mechanisms of the two programmes weren’t fully disclosed, but we had the opportunity to enter into the labour market with a fresh deal of knowledge and expertise that few others had.

The 3-months course was intensive but exciting at the same time, I met new colleague and new amazing friends (Florence’s atmosphere surely helped with that).

The course was followed by an internship in Brussels, at Moverim sprl, where I had the possibility to further practise the new knowledge and to participate in the thousands of Info Days organised by the EU Commission to present the new Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programmes. And then, when I was starting to look for a post-internship position in Brussels I received a call from Glasgow, offering me what has gone to become my present job.

After three years in Scotland, some success and some very bad setbacks (damn 2016!!) I am still developing my knowledge and expertise, but surely without that initial spark represented by the Master in European Project Planning and Management I wouldn’t be working in this sector.

Glasgow, April 2017