Federica De Giorgi

"Right after the internship, I started working as international project officer at UNIMED"

Role: European and International Project Officer

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I have attended the International Master in European Project Planning and Management at Pixel on 2014 and it was a really nice and useful experience.
The programme of the Master was well-balanced between the practical and theoretical skills offered. The course provided a full overview of all funding opportunities of the European Commission, together with the practical ability of structuring a cohesive and efficient activities’ networking.
The second half of the Master programme was primarily devoted to Project Management, and I have highly appreciated the practical approach of the course, oriented to provide students with the right management skills to run a project, ranging from budgeting to auditing and other financial aspects.

After the class-period, thanks to the network of PIXEL, I had the opportunity to carry out an internship in Liège (Belgium) at INFOREF, Initiative pour une formation efficace, an association that promotes the use of ICTs (information and communication technologies) among schools and other institutions. There, I was able to put into practice some of the skills learned during the master and I had the chance to attend to a project meeting in Sicily dealing with migrants and networking with many associations engaged in the field.
Thanks to the job experience at INFOREF, I have improved my languages skills (both in French and in English), which at its turn allowed me to enter finally to the job market.

Indeed, after this stage, I came back to Italy, in Rome, and since 2015 I have been working in UNIMED, the Mediterranean Universities Union, a network of almost 100 Universities from 24 Mediterranean countries.
I am currently employed there as European and International Project Officer, primarily focusing on Education and Mobility areas, but not only.

To conclude, attending the master at Pixel was one of the best long-term investment, not only for professional reasons but also for personal ones.

Indeed, some of the classmates I met at PIXEL are now among my best friends. The class was really international and stimulating and I am really happy and sometimes a little bit nostalgic of that period.
This, according to me, is the added value of the Master at PIXEL: the effective combination of study, employment and friendship opportunities.
This master merges all of that and it improves your present while preparing you for a better future.

Rome, July 2017