Adele Testa

"The Master at Pixel was the solution"

Role: Project Manager

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I launched my career after the International Master in European Project Management and Planning in 2014. Today, in 2017 I am the ICT Project Manager at the South London NHS Foundation Trust with a permanent contract.

When I was looking for a master, I found myself stuck in trying to get a job that could address my needs as unfortunately my university degree in Economics and Finance which didn't reflect my ambition.
I always have had an interest in project management and a natural problem-solving attitude, but I didn't know how to access the labor market in this field. At the same time, I didn't want to acquire further academic knowledge without any practice.

The Master in Pixel was the solution as it is composed of 2 modules: the classroom's course based in Florence and the internship abroad.
The unique feature of this master is based on its the opportunity to carry out a three-month internship abroad.
The full-time classroom course counts more than 300 hours and the amount of knowledge to gain is massive.

The interactions with trainers coming from several EU-countries have given me the opportunity of learning how to interact with people featured in different cultural and academic background.

The internship has allowed me to make in practice what I have understood and to clarify what was not clear during the classes.
I got the internship at Evolaris, which is a nanotechnology company involved in Eu -projects focused on healthcare and it is based in Graz (Austria).
During that period, I have mastered my skills so much that I got an offer for proper job before the end of the internship.

Indeed, my contract with Evolaris expired on the 24th of April 2014 and on the 3rd of May 2014 I've started working for Lynkeus, which is a consulting involved in European Projects funded by the Eu-Commission.
I have spent a year there as a Junior Project Manager. I have further developed my skills and enhanced what I have learned from the master. The projects I was working for were funded for more than EUR 4 million. The main projects I was working on are CARDIOPROOF (10 partners involved, overall budget of EUR 4.2 Mill) MD-PAEDIGREE (21 partners involved and overall budget: EUR 5.2Mill).
My ability to work on these projects came from my experience at Evolaris and my skills trained at Pixel.

In June 2015, I decided to move to London.
After an initial struggle, I got a job as the lead Project Manager for CircleHealth, which is a private healthcare provider involved in MSK disease. My previous experience in Lynkeus was the key for opening the UK Market.

After three months, I got an interesting offer for the National Healthcare System (NHS) Trust involved in Mental Health.
The bridge that allows getting this job is my experience in Evolaris because we have written 2 calls for proposal providing an innovative ICT Solution for people living with Dementia during my internship. Furthermore, in Austria I have been involved in TAKECARE, an EU-funded project regarding self-management of the health and empowerment of patients.

The interviewers of my current job have been impressed by my soft skills and experience in the healthcare sector. Therefore, my ability to speak in public has been developed during the classroom course based in Florence, as we have had several exercises of presenting our mini projects in front of the class and working group tasks.

London, June 2017