Association, Bruxelles (Belgium)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Partner since: 2019

Finnova is the European Foundation that works in the field of business innovation and excellence of the applied knowledge through its international and interregional connection. To this end, Finnova promotes multiple networks and high-level events with the purpose of seeking resources and European funding related to technological transfer, modernization and competitive development of public and private entities at international, regional and local levels. Its name is intended to evoke the drive of innovative initiatives (Innova) through the appropriate European financial instruments (Fin). In this sense, Finnova offers a structured and integrated dialogue in strategic information systems, training, dissemination of results at global and local level. Finnova also promotes the exchange of information and communication between entities such as international financial institutions, technological institutes, universities, private sector companies and public administrations. Finnova also aims to provide information on funding by the European Union in the areas of environment, water, health, public works, energy efficiency, sustainable tourism, ICT and entrepreneurship.