Europe for Business Ltd

Private company, Manchester (United Kingdom)
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Type of internship offered: online and onsite

EFB, Europe for Business focuses on Innovation Management, providing support services to private and public organisations in Product and Process Innovation, Technology Transfer, IT solutions and support for research and development projects. Set up in 2007, EFB is a high-growth knowledge intensive company, doubling its turnover each year and expanding its operation in the whole Europe. The experience of the EFB team can be attributed to the strong involvement in R&D activities conducted with highly qualified European and international Companies and Research Centres. EFB is partner in seven international cooperation FP7 projects: SCADA and CLOUD.

Testimonials on the Internship

Traineeship I had the opportunity to take part in a traineeship at Europe for Business (EFB) a company which focus on supporting Industrial and Research organisations in defining and implementing their innovation and research strategies, to solve societal problems. Even though the traineeship was a long distance one, it was a busy one. Gaining a "real world" perspective on the occupation of a project manager, in the field of European project, planning and management. During the three months traineeship, I developed practical skills on how to develop competitive proposals and create networks and partnerships. EFB is active in the field of dissemination, communication, training activities as well as, coordination and support actions. The traineeship mentor and his personal assistant, EFB project manager, were available at any given moment, during the traineeship. Regular contact through skype meetings and other types of communication medium were used. The internship was a valuable resource and a great learning experience. It has broadened my understanding of the European funding world in general and has given me a strong foundation and valuable experience for my future career. Manchester (United Kingdom), September 2016
by Iris M. (Netherlands)