Training Centre, Ah Zwolle (The Netherlands)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Partner since: 2011

Landstede is a regional education centre based in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Landstede operates in the areas of vocational and general education, welfare and social services, child care and recycling. They train 15.000 students, trainees and clients from companies and institutions it has 1.350 paid employees and 1.100 volunteers. Landstede also creates effective relationships with companies and institutions. Landstede provides competence-based education that gives students and trainees the opportunity to work on their own talents. Landstede is also involved in several mobility projects and in 2009, they were awarded a Certificate for Mobility. Since 2003 Landstede had acquired a large European network with many core partners. In the Netherlands, Landstede is a partner of the consortium I-CNN (Internationalisering Consortium Noor- Nederland), together with ROC Friese Poort and Alfa College. The three colleges collaborate closely in the field of internationalisation. Landstede was and is involved in several European projects funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme such as Qual4T.

Testimonials on the Internship

I attended my internship in The Netherlands. Zwolle is the city that hosted me and Landstede the school that I had the pleasure to work for. My personal experience was of high value both professional and human. In Landstede I carried out several activities since the beginning. I was immediately involved in the submission of two Strategic Partnership and one Mobility project. For these projects I was mainly responsible of the communication with the partners but I had also the chance to fill the application forms and to participate to the preparatory meetings where my opinion and my point of view were always considered. The work environment of Landstede is really enjoyable. My tutor and my colleagues were extremely friendly and polite, always available to help. I am still in touch with the people that I have met there and I have to say that I can always rely on them if I have any advice to ask. Ah Zwolle (The Netherlands), June 2014
by Anna C. (Italy)