NGO, Valencia (Spain)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Partner since: 2018

Meraki Projects is a non-profit association aimed at enhancing European cooperation amongst schools and education centre, teachers, sport clubs and cultural entities across Europe. The association is integrated by professionals in the field of education at all levels (Primary, Secondary and Higher education), trainers and Project Managers, experts in the field of EU funding and other national sources of funding. Meraki provides training and consultancy in EU projects, and directly participates in European-funded projects, mainly under the Erasmus+ programme. Meraki Projects also organizes professional visits and training courses for teachers from other countries in Europe in various fields: education methodologies, robotics, diversity, gamification, digital skills, etc. Meraki Projects is cooperation, creativity and working in an international environment. Meraki is/was involved in the following projects: CultGamEduAgile4CircCOSMUS and RESPONSE.

Testimonials on the Internship

I feet very comfortable working at Meraki Projectes and especially with my tutor, Laura who has excellent professional capabilities. I appreciated that Laura was very open and communicative and I got to share and exchange, experiences, practices and so on. So, overall I am highly appreciated about my internship experience at Meraki. Valencia (Spain), June 2020
by Enida B. (Albania)