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University, Barcelona (Spain)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

The department of Applied Pedagogy is part of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), faculty of Education Sciences is formed by two subareas of study: educational management and Organization and research methods in education. UAB is internationally renowned for its quality and innovation in research. EDO is a research group of the Department of Applied pedagogy for presenting, exchanging and promoting research ideas and activities in the field of organisations. Its main research focus is on the nature and development of educational organisations. EDO’s principal objectives are to study educational organisations, processes of change and the effectiveness of existing or planned strategies for improvement. Its interests therefore include the nature of educational organisations, the different types of these, how they are organised and managed, institutional dynamics, resistance to change, the role of managers and the impact of new technologies, all of this with reference to pre-university centres, universities themselves, and other types of centres like those offering training to the unemployed, healthcare organisations, leisure centres, etc

Testimonials on the Internship

When I was selected to take up my internship in Barcelona, I already knew that it would have been a great experience. About the work, I had no idea about what I could find there and I was very curious about my tutor, my colleagues and the activities I would have carried out. The first day I met my tutor for lunch, she was a young professor from Romania and since the beginning she was very helpful and kind, she showed me how the buildings of the campus were organized and introduced me to the team. Since the first day I started working carrying out concrete tasks related to the projects that the Autonomous University was coordinating and I felt really accepted and integrated into the team. During three months I had the opportunity to carry out the communication with project promoters and partners, attend internal meetings, write documents for the UAB, fill the needs related to the management of some projects, support the drafting of some project proposals (Erasmus +), support the planning of the dissemination strategy and attend seminars and workshops. It was a very positive experience. I felt the need to put into practice what I’ve learnt during the Master course and I was very happy that with my tutor and my team I worked on tasks very consistent with the position I was covering there. It’s true that it was just for few months but finally I could start working in the field of the European project planning and management, I acquired new skills and I knew professionals in the field who taught me a lot and with whom I’ll definitively keep in touch. Barcelona (Spain), February 2015
by Rossella P. (Italy)