Consulting Companies, Bruxelles (Belgium)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Conexx – Europe has the aim facilitate and promote research, Cooperation and Development within the EU and between the EU and elsewhere. The main themes Conexx is involved in are: Environment and Sustainable Development, Culture and Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Financial Inclusion, Microfinance, Youth, Fight against poverty, Intermediation, Training and Strategic Consulting. Its main objective is the Implementation of services and actions for better interaction between the different actors of cooperation and development, development of Science and Technology, education as a means of increasing equality and microfinance as a tool for economic development In the last 3 years Conexx have advised more than 70 universities, governments and foundations. Conexx is participating in three European projects and helped to win more than 15 European projects to the other institutions. Conexx-Europe is/was involved in the following European projects: SPILIAMoveurope!RebootSMART-QUALDigitFitEUSRExce and Arapoty.

Testimonials on the Internship

The internship in Conexx-Europe has been a great professional and personal experience. The Conexx staff has been always welcoming and has helped me when doing my work, advising and supporting me in everything I needed. Moreover, which I appreciated the most was the fact that they always encouraged me to develop my project ideas, by motivating me to be proactive and to carry on working on this. I have learned a lot about different sorts of project, mainly in the area of International Cooperation and Development, such as human rights protection, social inclusion, education, employment, social responsibility and sustainable development. They work very actively and are running several projects in the above mentioned fields, which was very useful in order to learn a lot during my internship period. I’ m sure this training has been key in order to get my current work as project manager. Bruxelles (Belgium), December 2015
by Patricia M. (Spain)
The internship in Conexx-Europe (Brussels) has been very rewarding and I am still working there. I would recommend this master course because it can make a very positive impact in your live, in terms of working experience and new valuable skills. Bruxelles (Belgium), June 2016
by Toni L. (Spain)