Private company, Porto (Portugal)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

INOVA+ is the Portuguese leading company in the field of the promotion and management of international projects on Innovation, Training and Research & Technological Development. The company’s mission is to provide the knowledge, the management capacity, the partnerships and the technical and financial support needed for the development of innovation projects of its customers. Counting with 20 years of experience, INOVA+ employs a highly qualified team of more than 50 consultants based in its offices all over Europe, with the main team located at the headquarters in Porto. INOVA+ is also linked to a wide network of partners, which include Universities, Research Centers, Municipalities, Industrial clusters, Brokerage Institutions and European Bodies. Among others, the company manages projects in the following areas of innovation: Innovation Systems and Innovation Management; Entrepreneurship; Technology Transfer; Education and Training; Human resources management; Internationalization; Science, Technology and Communication management; Integration of Information and Communication Technologies.
INOVA+ is/was involved in the following European projects: AfriConEUStarts PrizeBetter FactoryESPONSTARTS Ecosystem and bGame.

Testimonials on the Internship

I chose to carry out my internship at Inova+ (Brussels, Belgium), a consultancy company involved in several European projects, as coordinator or partner, active in the field Open Innovation and Technology Transfer; the reason for my choice were mainly related to personal interests and consistency with my studies and competences. Pixel act as a perfect mediator between myself and the company; I was immediately put in contact with Inova+, as soon as they provided a positive feedback on my application, so that I had to chance to introduce myself and discuss the practical aspects of the internship. On a daily basis, I had the chance to deal with project management related activities (mainly concerning Horizon 2020 and EU tenders’ projects), in addition to other numerous activities concerning proposal writing, stakeholder engagement and public relation. The working environment was pleasant and challenging at the same time; my colleagues, with my experienced tutor on top, helped me to get used to the company’s modus operandi and provided me with solid targeted training. The content of the internship was in line with the Master’s content, therefore I encountered no difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned tasks. It is also important to mention that the city of Brussels can be considered on its own the added value of the internship. Inova+’s office is indeed located in the European neighbourhood, where the headquarters of the main EU institutions are hosted and EU affairs take place. I definitely recommend Inova+ to the future Master participants; I believe this internship to be a fundamental step for any student that want to build his professional career in the field of EU project management. Matosinhos (Portugal) / Brussels (Belgium), September 2017
by Alberto D. (Italy)
I carried out my internship in Brussels in Inovamais. It’s a consultancy firm and they also work in European Project . I started in internship in February. It was my wish to work in Brussels as it is known as capital of Europe and we have many European institutions in Brussels, including European Parliament and European Commission. My supervisor already sent me email on Sunday and explained the task that I was supposed to do on Monday that was my first day at work. I was supposed to find some policy documents for a proposal application topic. I could carry out this task independently without any supervision because I was familiar with Proposal application form and the information one is required to write in. During my internship I was given different tasks including, writing some parts of proposal application, carry out dissemination activities for ongoing projects, to write correspondence for stake holders, to monitor progress of project. There was nothing new for me as in my class based course the theoretical part was always followed by practical exercises so I knew how to monitor project implementation, I was fully aware of dissemination of project outcomes. We had to work on a project as part of our final exam and we worked as a group and filled in the complete application form so whenever I was given a task related to application, was not a problem for me. We also learned to make work packages and I also designed work packages for one of the project. I was lucky to have nice colleagues, I learnt a lot from my supervisor and all other colleagues were friendly and always there to support me whenever I needed help. Matosinhos (Portugal) / Brussels (Belgium), September 2016
by Sana Tesneem A. (Austria)