Malta – EU Steering And Action Committee

Public Authority, Valletta (Malta)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Partner since: 2012

The Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee was first established in 1999 to oversee the overall accession process of Malta to the European Union. MEUSAC served as a focal point of such process. It successfully brought together a wide spectrum of organisations representing various and diverse interests within Maltese society. Following the signing of the Treaty of Accession on the 16th April 2003, MEUSAC was reconstituted to enable it to continue its role after membership. With an even wider representation, MEUSAC sought to give civil society an opportunity to make itself heard and to help shape Malta’s position in various aspects of membership. Operating in parallel with MEUSAC was the Malta-EU Information Centre (MIC). Its aim was to provide the general public with information related to the European Union and Malta’s progress during the negotiations. MIC interfaced directly with MEUSAC. The three main components of MEUSAC are: Consultation, Information and Support on EU Programmes and Funds.
MEUSAC is/was involved in the following projects: Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)Borders Management and Visa Instrument (BMVI)Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)Cohesion Fund (CF)Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and Creative Europe-CREA.