Private company, Pomezia (Italy)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Evodevo is an Italian innovation company founded in 2007 and based in Pomezia (RM) with a strong expertise in Artificial Intelligence based software products. It is specialized in semantic technologies, open data and big data, decisions support systems and GIS (Geographic Information System) technologies. The multidisciplinary company teamwork is composed by developers, data scientists, social research specialists, business and legal consultants, GIS experts, Business and Artificial Intelligence specialists. Evodevo is involved in different projects and activities, ranging from software development to studies on ethical dimensions of disruptive ICT applications. Recently the company was selected by the European Economic and Social Committee to carry out a Study on the ethical implications of intensive use of Big Data in different social and economic fields (here the link). The company joined relevant national and European research projects, funded by organizations like the European Defence Agency, and the Italian Space Agency.
Evodevo is/was involved in the following European projects: Let's talk youth, employment and Covid-19!Smart Islands ProjectSmart Cities ProjectIndustry and monetary policySpace and Society Project: Bridging the Missing Links!Obsolescence Project: New attitudes towards consumptionFood Waste Project and Social Entrepreneurship.