Galileo Museum

Other, Florence (Italy)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Partner since: 2014

The Museo Galileo is one of the foremost international institutions in the History of Science, combining a noted museum of scientific instruments and an institute dedicated to the research, documentation and dissemination of the history of science in the broadest senses. The museum, the specialized library, the archives, the multimedia, photographic and restoration laboratories provide an integrated whole in the service of disseminating scientific culture, capitalizing on Italy's technical/scientific heritage, while continuously updating research in the history of science and technology. Since its foundation on May 12, 1927 the museum is guided by a Board of Directors whose members include representatives from the University of Florence, the Municipality of Florence and the Ministry of Education, University and Research. The Museum is involved in several European projects funded in the framework of the current programmes in the field of research and development. The information about the museum’s European projects is available at the following link.

Testimonials on the Internship

The internship at Museo Galileo Galilei was a great experience. I feel privileged for this opportunity. Amongst the strengths of an internship at Museo Galileo Galilei I would mention: the multicultural environment, the interaction with high academic level of colleagues and partners, the variety of stimuli, the skills and knowledge I developed also thanks to the help I received by my tutor. Florence (Italy), June 2017
by Sofia S. (Greece)