Kimitec Group

Private company, Almeria (Spain)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Kimitec Group challenges a system that dictates how food production should be carried out. They are a business group that reinvents the set formula and provides farmers with a natural alternative.

While their main focus is on agriculture, they have vertically developed a group of 4 companies aimed to cover different needs, with a common scientific model, based on the synergies among 4 natural areas, botany, microbiology, microalgae, and green chemistry, to offer an alternative to the use of synthetic chemistry.

Their vision is to recover the balance between consumers eating healthy, high-quality food, farmers with productive and profitable crops, and a sustainable environment over time through responsible resource management.

Kimitec Group is/was involved in the following European projects: PHAGEFIRE, EOHUB, WATER2RETURN, Condemoor and Bloster Project.