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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Partner since: 2018

FEDARENE, created in 1990, is the premier European network of regional and local organizations which facilitate or implement sustainable energy policies and measures at regional and local levels. With more than 72 members, the association represents 20 European countries, drawing on the advice of 800 experts throughout the EU. FEDARENE is facilitating the development of inter-regional partnerships and is helping regions to develop their capacity to take action, and assisting them in the creation of energy and/or environmental organizations. The organization also participates in EU projects developed by its members by raising the visibility of good practices. Local and regional governments play an essential role in the implementation of energy efficiency policies and in achieving the Europe 2030 objectives. FEDARENE embodies the relevant decision-making level in sectors such as transportation, urban planning, buildings and welfare. FEDARENE has been able to become a critical force with specific lobbying influence by promoting the regional dimension in debates concerning energy and environment.
FEDARENE is/was involved in the followinf European projects: REGILIENCEePLANETREMARKABLEPROSPECT+ SuperHomes 2030GREEN HYSLANDENERGee WATCH and OPENGELA.