Zinev Art Technologies Ltd.

Consulting Companies, Sofia (Bulgaria)
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Type of internship offered: onsite and online

Partner since: 2011

Zinev Art Technologies Ltd. has been established in the beginning of 2005 with the purpose of developing, implementing and managing European projects and providing consultations and training in the following spheres: Internet-based activities, vocational training, EU projecting, culture, art, tourism. Vocational training and increasing the qualifications of the human resources are major factors for improving the competitiveness of Bulgarian enterprises and for strengthening the capacities of the non-profit non-governmental sector. Understanding these necessities ZAT participates in a number of initiatives, connected with provision of training and consultancy services for different target groups: SMEs or persons, willing to start up their own initiatives; NGOs; education and training institutions; public authorities. 


Testimonials on the Internship

I decided my internship to be away from anything I used to know in my past years, which is why I applied for Sofia, Bulgaria. I am happy to say that my experience in Zinev Art Technologies cannot be more marvelous: I have the luck and the honor to know and work with my coordinator Zori and my colleagues whose kindness, respect and loveliness is beyond compare. I am proud to speak in present tense because during the second month of my internship my coordinator and I realized that we were not able to say goodbye and she asked me to be officially part of their amazing team. From the very beginning they have listened patiently to my ideas, they tried to understand my personality and they have never made me feel an external creature coming from a wild land. They always accepted me the way I am, they helped me and gave me the possibility to submit an entire project of mine with my name as project manager. And we still have plenty of visions we will carry out together. I want to be nowhere else but here. Sofia (Bulgaria), June 2014
by Claudio I. (Italy)