Gareth Long

Aspire-Igen Group, Bradford (United Kingdom)
Private company

Role: Aspire-igen International Manager

I have known Elisabetta Delle Donne, the President of Pixel, since 1998 and we have worked together on many European projects in the period since and she has established the organisation as one of the leading players in the transnational cooperation field, so we were very happy to offer a participant in Pixel’s European Project Masters’ course an internship at Aspire-igen. As a host organisation, we have gained much from the contribution of the intern to the work of the international team. She has been involved at numerous levels of project activity, from initial knowledge-gaining through participation in meetings and studying project applications and reports, to taking over the management of several of our projects when one of the team left for work elsewhere. Such was the high level of her performance and her vital contribution to the team effort, we were happy to offer her a short-term contract after her internship, which has recently been extended further. It is clear to us that the Masters’ Course run by Pixel prepares the participants very thoroughly for all aspects and challenges of coordinating such initiatives, so much so that despite her having to work remotely as she is based in Romania, she was able to take on demanding tasks immediately and perform research and report writing to an impeccable standard. The overall experience has been an extremely positive one for all concerned and we would recommend to any organization to consider taking on one of Pixel’s interns as we know from our own experience just how beneficial it can be.