The Master Programme is organised into two main modules:

The programme is organised in 6 modules for a total of 30 hours, focusing on:

  • The Project Management Cycle and the Logical Framework approach
  • Time Management, Gantt Charts, Calendars, Templates
  • Coordination of the transnational partnership
  • Risk management, Quality Assurance, Dissemination
  • Impact, Indicators and Sustainability
  • Administrative and Financial management
  • Production of Progress and Final Reports

The programme addresses topics such as:

  • Dealing with Contractual issues
  • Understanding the Project Management Cycle
  • Working with the Logical Framework approach
  • Time Management
  • Developing Gantt Charts, Calendars, Templates
  • Coordinating transnational partnerships
  • Managing Risks
  • Managing Quality Assurance and producing Quality Plans
  • Planning and organising dissemination activities
  • Promoting an effective Impact and ensuring the project sustainability
  • Identifying impact Indicators
  • Managing the project budget
  • Dealing with administrative and financial issues
  • Assessing Financial Reports
  • Producing Progress and Final Reports

Please download from the following link the full programme.