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International Master in

European Project Planning and Management

Methods and Techniques for Planning and Managing
Projects Funded by the European Commission

The objective of the Master is to provide participants with the skills to successfully work in the field of European cooperation, through the use of fundings made available by the European Comission.

The target group of the Master are graduates in any discipline. The pre-requisites are: university degree and a good knowledge of English.

The Master course’s programme is organized in two main modules:
  • European Project Planning
  • European Project Management

The information about the previous editions of the master course is available.

The coordinator, of the Master course is Pixel an education and training institution based in Florence (Italy) having as its main aim the provision of support to European Cooperation for public and private organizations. For the organization of the International Master, Pixel cooperates with a number of European Partners who are also very experienced in European cooperation and who are willing to offer an internship to all participants in the Master.

The teaching staff is composed by experts with over 15 years of experience in European cooperation representing several European countries.

The Master has a total duration of 5 months (800 hours). For the first two months the master are held at Pixel site, in Florence (Italy), Monday through Friday, full time.
In the following three months the international internship is organized.

The three months internship is an integral part of the Master. It is organized taking into account the profile, needs and expectations of both each participant and each host organization, so as to make the internship experience very beneficial for both.
The internship provides the Master’s participants with the opportunity to work as an Assistant European Project Manager in an organization, with long experience in planning and managing European projects, based in a European Union’s member state.

The language used in the Master course is English

The location where the Master course is held is Pixel’s headquarters, in Florence (Italy).

The third edition of the Master starts on 13 October 2014.

In the period 13 October to 12 December 2014, the master is held at Pixel site, in Florence, daily, Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

In the period January to March 2015 the international internship is organized for all participants.

There are 7 good reasons why this Master should be chosen:
  1. The practical focus of the training contents
  2. The skills, experience and expertise of the international teaching staff.
  3. The skills, experience and expertise of the coordinator of the Master.
  4. The practical project planning and management activities organized in the Master’s framework.
  5. The international internship with the role of assistant European project manager
  6. The international environment of the Master.
  7. The opportunity to improve language competencies in European English.

The enrolment fee is 3.600 euro. It includes:
  • Participation in the Master
  • Teaching material
  • Organization of the international internship

Those who wish to enroll in the European Project Planning and Management Master course should fill in the Registration Form, available in the Enrolment section.

For further information on the European Project Planning and Management Master course, please contact:

Training Course Secretariat
Via Luigi Lanzi 12 - 50134 Firenze
Tel. 055-48 97 00 - Fax. 055-462 88 73

Please download the Master Brochure


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