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The European Project Planning international Seminar has a duration of 60 hours.
  • 30 hours of classroom based learning held in Florence (Italy). The 30 hours course is organized in 6 days, Monday to Saturday, 5 hours each day.
  • 30 hours of e-learning integrated with virtual meetings with the course tutor and the other course participants. A Forum is also available for virtual meetings among all participants.


The classroom course takes place at Pixel, located in Florence, Italy, near the historical city centre. Pixel offices is 20 minutes walk from the Main Station of Florence, Stazione Firenze Santa Maria Novella. Pixel offices can also be reached by bus from the main Station, a journey which takes 10 minutes.


The European Project Planning international Seminar is delivered is English


The approach used is highly practical, based on the expertise of the course trainers who have 15 to 25 years of experience in planning and managing projects and initiatives funded by the European Commission, mainly in the sector of Education and Training.

A practical simulation is carried out for each topic in focus. The practical simulation is based on the use of the services, databases and documentation made available, on-line, by the European Union.
The objective of the practical activity is the simulation of the development and presentation of a European project.

At the end of the international Seminar, every work group will have produced a first draft of a European project including the application form, budget, transnational partnership etc.

Follow up

During the classroom course each participant is introduced to the e-learning course’s contents.

The structure of the e-learning course is similar to that of a Power Point presentation (a series of slides with educational contents) with the possibility of accessing more in-depth information relating to a particular slide and attachments containing reference material.

On each slide of the e-learning course there is the possibility of asking questions to the on-line tutor by simply clicking on the button Questions? which will automatically open up an e-mail window where it will be possible to send a question directly to the tutor.

The check of the competencies acquired at distance is made submitting an entry test to each course participant at the beginning of the e-learning course. At the end of the e-learning course, a new test is made to measure the differential between the competences of each participant at the beginning and at the end of the course.

During the four weeks after the classroom course, 2 virtual meetings are organized between the course trainers and tutor and the course participants to further analyse and discuss the contents learnt at distance. An on line Forum is also available for all course participants to ask questions to the course trainers and share the answers with their colleagues.


The individuals who attend the European Project Planning international Seminar acquire the skills to:
  • Make their way through the European Union institutions getting to know the logic of their functioning and the methods to contact the persons in charge of the different funding programmes.
  • Access EU funding opportunities managed by the European Commission in their field of interest
  • Use European funding resources in their professional field in order to carry out development projects.
  • Understand a European call for proposals
  • Prepare Project Application Forms to be submitted to the European Commission requesting funds for the carrying out of transnational cooperation activities
  • Set up an effective project partnership
  • Carry out the financial project planning and organization.

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