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The European Project Management international seminar has a total duration of one week, 30 hours organized in 5 modules.

Onsite and Online Attendance Options

The seminar is offered either as a classroom-based or online-based course.
It is up to each participant to decide whether to enrol for the online or onsite course.
The classroom-based course is held in Florence (Italy).
The online course is organised via a dedicated e-learning platform. It is possible to attend the online programme both synchronously (i.e. at the same time as the classroom programme) and asynchronously (i.e. the student decides when to attend the pre-recorded lectures and individually carries out the practical activities).


The approach used, for both the classroom and online solutions, is based on a constant integration of theory with practical, hands-on experiences.
Practical simulations are carried out for each topic analysed. The practical simulations also make use of the services, databases and documentation made available, online, by the European Commission and its Agencies.
Networking opportunities are provided for both onsite and online participants in the framework of a highly interactive learning environment.


The classroom-based part of the the International Seminar in European Project Management is held at Pixel, in Florence (Italy). Pixel headquarters are near the historical city centre of Florence.
The online course is organised via a dedicated highly interactive e-learning platform.


The European Project Management international Seminar is delivered is English

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