"The Master went beyond my expectations"

Fundația EuroEd
Iasi (Romania)

Role: Assistant Project Manager

Testimonial on the Master program

The Master went beyond my expectations as I learned a lot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPrmT24naIQ

Testimonial on the Internship

My training internship as European project assistant manager at the department of European projects of EuroEd foundation was exciting. EuroEd provides a suitable environment where to apply all knowledge that was theoretically acquired previously in such a short period during the Pixel Master of European project planning and management. I was assigned with diverse tasks and thus provided with a direct experience of processes and activities that are undertaken at all stages and all different kinds of activities of a European project. In addition to the information and knowledge acquired during this period, I could estimate and explore on a personal level the differences and similarities with other professional environments and sectors in which I have been working so far; finally, reaching to the conclusion that all knowledge is connected. Consequently, this experience extended to the assumption that all previous professional experience and skills not only can be used but also can become valuable and beneficial in the setting of Eu projects. The entire experience has been gratifying in all levels. I know for certain I was correct in choosing EuroEd Foundation for my internship. I really highly estimate and appreciate the special character the foundation. The combination of the educational departments with the more business oriented European project department is in my perception a kind of guarantee of the direction and the choices of European projects in which the foundation participates both as leader or member of different partnerships. Furthermore, I found myself working in a healthy working environment organized and efficient. I have been welcomed and received with kindness and have been treated with respect and acknowledgement of my skills and professional experience to an environment membered by people who foster honest collaboration. This experience has definitively increased my interest and has generated also some observations and ideas related to European projects, activities and modus of actions. In fact, this internship has proven to be an invaluable experience especially at this delicate moment of change in my professional path. Iasi (Romania), May 2021