"This course fulfills its purpose."

Testimonial on the Master program

The greatest value of this course is that it is based on the experiences and knowledge of people who have been working in the field of European projects for a long time. Based on that, the course material is appropriate and valuable because it was derived from problems and solutions from practice. I personally liked the trainers approach the most. Given the different levels of knowledge of course participants and their backgrounds, they have a very systematic approach and always put course participants interests first. We have done a lot of practical activities that are the best means to master such a unique matter of European projects. This focus on practical activities also helps a lot when it comes to teamwork, so it contributes a lot to connecting candidates from the course that comes from different cultural backgrounds. As the crown of these practical activities comes the final project work. In essence, it is a simulation of writing a real European project. You have the opportunity to test everything you have learned during the course and apply it to the things for which you are here- writing a real European project. So I consider this the crown of everything and the right way of how this course fulfills its purpose.