"My experience was really enriching on a personal and professional level. "

Granada (Spain)

Role: European Fundrising expert

Testimonial on the Master program

My experience was really enriching on a personal and professional level. Firstly, it has been wonderful sharing the classroom with people from several countries and cultures so differents. We have connected very well, creating an incredible work environment and great feeling. Secondly, I would like to highlight the quality of the lecturers, providing experiences and getting really profitable master classes, as well as Pixel staff support. And thirdly, the internship has allowed me to put into practice very quickly in the real world all the knowledge acquired. I consider of great value all what I have learned in this experience, that I would recommend without any doubt.
September 2020

Testimonial on the Internship

Everything was planned at SERN: they had the help of 3 interns from January to September 2020 and roles and functions were clear. From the beginning I was told what they expected from my side, and provided me with some corporate manuals about the how-know of the organization. They always encouraged me to ask for anything I needed. The company has very good technological means and nothing is missing. The integration with the colleagues was really easy. The first day of my internship, I found a welcome letter in my workplace, some manuals, the keys of the office and a computer with access to all data base of the organization.
I have worked closely with my tutor, who was a very organized, professional and demanding person. She gave me total freedom to make new proposals and improve certain things. From my side, the experience has been better than I expected.

Bruxelles (Belgium), September 2020