"Attending this master programme was a major milestone in my career and one of the best periods in my life."

White Research
Thessaloniki (Greece)

Role: Project Manager

Testimonial on the Master program

Attending this master programme was a major milestone in my career and one of the best periods in my life. Being interested in acquiring skills and knowledge concerning European projects I was fully satisfied with the programme. The delivered training material was up to date and relevant to the real professional challenges of this field. Also the practical activities during classroom course were really fitting for understanding the work to be carried out during a project. All trainers are real-life professionals with a long experience in that field, providing the students with a lot of knowledge. Moreover, it was a really pleasant experience staying in beautiful Florence and meeting all these interesting colleagues from around the world. I still remember with joy my time in Florence and I made new friendships with my colleagues there. During my Internship at Limerick Institute of Technology, I got first-hand and useful experience in European projects, which help me during my current role as a project manager in a private company specialized in the SME instrument programme. Shortly after the internship, I was offered a job as a European Project Manager in Las Palmas. I recommend this programme to any professional who want to gain knowledge and experience in European projects. July 2019

Testimonial on the Internship

Being an engineer with an expertise in the sector of the environment, with an ambition to develop myself more in the project management and European projects field, I wanted to choose an institution with similar interests for my internship. For this reason, I have chosen Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) in Ireland. LIT is a very well-known institution in Ireland with a development unit focusing on carrying out European and national projects with the majority of them being focused on environmental subjects, such as energy conservation. Therefore, I was really happy for carrying my internship there. Mr. Seamus Hoyne, my tutor during the internship is a very experienced project manager and engineer with deep knowledge and experience in this field and provided me a lot of knowledge that will be useful for my professional evolution.
From my very first day of the internship I was involved in a multitude of activities which provided me a lot of practical knowledge concerning European projects as well as some aspects of management in general.
The knowledge I got during my time in Florence helped me significantly to carry out all these tasks and I am really happy for my internship choice. After the end of the internship I got a limited time work offer in the institute to assist them on completing certain tasks that were initiated during my internship, which provided more knowledge. After my cooperation with LIT ended, I got a job offer from a private consulting company in the SME instrument programme, located in Las Palmas. Limerick (Ireland), June 2019