"I especially appreciated the variety of contents developed during the classroom course."

Paris (France)

Role: Assistant European Project Manager

Testimonial on the Master program

I especially appreciated the variety of contents developed during the classroom course in order to give students an overall picture of what European projects are. Trainers explained their subjects combining theory with concrete examples of their personal experience. For me the most relevant part of the course was the everyday practical activities carried out during classrooms and the creation of our own project, because it really gave us the chance to implement our ideas in a concrete way and to deal with diversities within the group. Regarding this point, I have to say discussions with colleagues were always very mature and positive despite different personalities. Of course, this applied also to the internship, which was the natural following of the Master’s course in order to put in practice the skills acquired during the lessons.

Testimonial on the Internship

I did my internship at RenaSup, based in Paris, a no profit private organization subjected to the Secretary General of Catholic education of France.
The internship itself was developed in a good way, I had a tutor, Jean Marc Petit, who was always very kind and supportive in case of difficulties, considering his main work was not in the European project area.
Regarding the activities carried out, there were three open European projects, being RenaSup a schools’ organization, they were all focused on instruction and children or young people.
I had an active role in supporting all the activities related to the develop of those projects.
Probably, the most interesting part of the internship was my participation to a project meeting in Lodz, Poland, where I represented RenaSup together with my colleague, and with the other partners we discussed several points about the development and implementation of the project.
I believe the activities I worked in during the internship matches most of the contents discussed during the Master’s classrooms, since there were projects already opened, so it was possible to put in practice all the skills and advices I received.
My impression of the overall experience is positive, as I said before, I am glad I had the occasion to work concretely in the everyday activities that a project implies, the office environment was really nice and friendly, I received support when needed and difficulties were managed in a good way. Paris (France), June 2018