"Very well explained and consistent with our needs."

Testimonial on the Master program

The content of the master program was very well explained and consistent with our needs. It was presented well to the course participants and completed with very good and useful practical activities. The teachers owned and shared a very good knowledge. They presented their lectures in an interesting manner. The practical activities carried out were useful for creating long term knowledge. The atmosphere during the lessons between teachers and students, and among students, was so friendly, entertaining and - at
the same time - focused on gaining as much knowledge as possible. The project work was the way of implementing what was learned during the Master course in the common work and I consider it as a good step for the end of the course. August 2016

Testimonial on the Internship

The company headquarter is in Graz, positioned nearby the Karl-Franzesn University and all publictransport is heading in that direction. Evolaris is modern, well organised company. All the employees are young or middle-aged and so friendly and helpful. They are all the time on your full disposal during the internship. For all the information one may need about implementation of the activities predicted for the project, I could ask the employees working in those activities
and receive adequate answers. Also, after work, we used to spend time together doing some sports or going for a drink.
The company has one person being in charge for the international projects – Noreen Berger.
Apart of the project on European level, they also work on the national projects and binational projects, so the interns are also being part of it. Noreen was so helpful and tried to dedicate as much time she had to work with us (me and my other collegue from Pixel), to share her experience, to introduce us in the on-going projects, project meetings.
Evolaris is definitelly very good company for interns, especially young people, interested to learn more about international project planning and management in the field of technology including mobile applications, smart production and moving toward the future based on technology.
August 2016