Web based applications in Europe

Call for Tenders on web-based applications and services in Europe

The European call for tenders 2011/S 47-076089 for web-based applications and services in Europe, enlarging the stakeholders community has been published by the Directorate-General for Information and Media.

The first objective of the call for tenders for web-based applications and services in Europe is the Current European Situation Analysis. A clear understanding of EU\'s position on the current web, in terms of business and technology). It should include quantitative data about the impact of the web on European Union growth (smart, sustainable and inclusive) in the last five years across all European Union industry sectors, using quantitative and qualitative variables. It should specify the state of the art on current web platforms as well as web-based applications and services. The most relevant applications/usages should be described by using the following variables: description of the services, quantitative/qualitative data on users and economic figures, details on the business models used by the service, and information about the business running the services, as well as information about what the service requires from the underlying platform.

The Study will have other 3 subsequent objectives:
2-Foreseen Future analysis
3-Identification and methods for engagement of stakeholders
4-Identification of bottlenecks and a roadmap for the work ahead.

The study results will allow European Union Research and Innovation web programmes to support standards and open platforms for the development of new web-based applications and services.
The findings of the study will enable sound engagement by 2011 of web-related stakeholders
groups, including SMEs, digital entrepreneurs, ICT users and ICT industry, around common
agendas for the development of the required standards that will allow flourishing of a new range
of innovative web based services and applications.

Objectives 1 and 3 will be based on quantitative and qualitative data gathered through interviews, questionnaires, desk research, and one workshop with participation of all relevant stakeholders groups. The contractor is encouraged to use any other source of information available.
Objectives 2 and 4 will be based on direct engagement with the European stakeholders groups, in particular the \'new\' stakeholders groups that are active on the web. The identification and engagement of new stakeholders groups should be based on phone contacts, direct visits as well as any other way that could be useful to the purpose of identifying and engaging these new European stakeholders groups around a \'shared\' problem analysis. It will also include a second workshop gathering these stakeholders and aiming at agreeing on a \'shared\' problem analysis and the mapping.

The total duration of the contract in the framework of this call for tenders is 12 months.

The total budget allocated to this call for tenders for the study on the web in Europe is up to 300 000 euro.

The deadline for tenders on European web based application is 4 April 2011.

Further information on the this call for tenders on a study on open platforms can be obtained directly on the European Commission’s TED website