European Mobility Initiatives for Students

A European mobility opportunity addressed to vocational education students

Colleges, vocational education schools, and vocational training organizations have the possibility to organize for their students a two-three week training period in Florence, or anywhere else in Europe.

This mobility initiative can be funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme, within the action named Leonardo IVT ( Initial Vocational Training). This specific mobility action funds initiatives promoted by Colleges and vocational education schools who are willing to provide their students with the opportunity to get to know the labor market in other European countries.

The Leonardo IVT grant covers for: travel, accommodation, subsistence, organization fee for the group of students accompanied by their teacher.

Pixel acts as host organization for this initiative.

Pixel creates fully customized students’ mobility proposals addressed to teachers willing to come to Florence with their students for a two week initial vocational training initiative.

The initial vocational training initiative organized by Pixel, is held in Florence for a 2 week period. It is based on a blended approach including a training course (on the topic decided by the teacher), practical simulations, in company visits, visit to vocational education schools.
Students are accommodated in a 6 -8 bedroom hostel. Teachers are accommodated in single or double rooms.

Examples of mobility programmes are available on request. For this purpose, and for any other request of information, please contact: [email protected]