Lifelong Learning Programme Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals for the Lifelong Learning Programme has been published

The 2011 General Lifelong Learning Programme Call for Proposals EAC/49/10 (2010/C 290/06) has been published by the DG EAC Commission.

The Call for Proposal for the Programme for Community Action in the Field of Lifelong Learning (the Lifelong Learning Programme) has the objective to contribute through lifelong learning to the development of the EU as an advanced knowledge society, with sustainable economic development, more and better jobs and greater social cohesion. In particular, the Lifelong Learning Programme aims to foster interchange, co-operation and mobility between education and training institutions and systems within the EU so that they may become a world quality reference. In this way, the Lifelong Learning Programme addresses the modernisation and adaptation of education and training systems in the participating countries, particularly in the context of the goals set out in the EU 2020 Strategy, and brings European added value directly to individual citizens participating in its mobility and other co-operation actions.

The Lifelong Learning Programme\'s specific call for proposals objectives ensure that the Lifelong Learning Programme supports and supplements action taken by the Member States and other participating countries, while fully respecting their responsibility for the content of education and training systems and their cultural and linguistic diversity.

The main Actions included in the Lifelong Learning Programme Call for Proposals are:
- Comenius, for general educational activities concerning educational institutions up until secondary school level;
- Erasmus, for advanced education and training at higher education level;
- Leonardo da Vinci, for all the other aspects of professional training and education;
- Grundtvig for adult education.
- Transversal Actions focusing on policy cooperation, languages, ICT and dissemination and exploitation of results

The main deadlines for the submission of applications within the Lifelong Learning Programme are as follows:
Comenius, Grundtvig: In-service Training
14 January 2011, 29 April 2011, 16 September 2011

Leonardo da Vinci: Mobility; Erasmus: Intensive Language Courses (EILC)
4 February 2011

Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig: Partnerships; Comenius: Comenius Regio Partnerships; Grundtvig: Workshops
21 February 2011

Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig: Multilateral projects, Networks and Accompanying Measures
28 February 2011

Leonardo da Vinci: Multilateral projects for the Transfer of Innovation
28 February 2011

Erasmus: Intensive Programmes (IP),
11 March 2011

Grundtvig: Assistantships, Senior Volunteering Projects
31 March 2011

Transversal Programme: Key activity 1 — Study visits
31 March 2011, 14 October 2011

Transversal Programme: all other activities
31 March 2011

More information on the 2011 call for proposals for the Lifelong Learning Programme is available on the EACEA’s web site.