Tempus Programme

Call for Proposals in the framework of the Tempus Programme

In the framework of the fourth phase of the European Tempus programme, the Call for Proposals EACEA/32/10 was published by EACEA on the reform of higher education through international university cooperation.

The overall objective of the European Tempus programme is to contribute towards facilitating cooperation in the field of higher education among Member States of the European Union and partner countries. In particular, the European Tempus programme will help promote cooperation convergence with EU developments in the field of higher education, deriving from the Europe 2020 Strategy, the Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in Education and Training (ET 2020) and the Bologna process.
The purpose of this call for proposals published in the framework of the European Tempus programme is to promote multilateral cooperation among higher education institutions, authorities and organisations from the European Union Member States and partner countries with the focus on the reform and modernisation of higher education.

In order to be eligible applicants for the award of a cooperation grant in the framework of the European Tempus programme, applicants must be legal persons, legally established for more than five years in the EU or Tempus partner countries.
Applicants for Joint Projects must be public or private higher education institutions or associations, organisations or networks of higher education institutions dedicated to the promotion, cooperation, improvement and reform of higher education.
Institutions and organisations which may participate as partners/co-beneficiaries in the European Tempus Programme range from higher education institutions and organisations through to non-academic institutions and organisations such as non-governmental organisations, companies, industries and public authorities.

The two principal instruments for cooperation through this European Tempus programme call for proposals are:
— Joint Projects: projects with a ‘bottom-up’ approach aiming at modernisation and reform on an institutional (university) level. Joint Projects aim at transferring knowledge between universities, organisations and institutions from the EU and from the partner countries as well as between partner country entities as appropriate,
— Structural Measures: projects seeking to contribute to the development and reform of higher education systems in partner countries, as well as to enhance their quality and relevance and to increase their voluntary cooperation with EU developments. Structural Measures will be interventions designed to support structural reform of higher education systems and the strategic framework development at national level.

For multi-country cooperation projects, proposals must be submitted by groupings of institutions involving:
— at least two higher education institutions, from each of the participating partner countries (minimum two partner countries) involved in the proposal,
— at least three higher education institutions, each from a different EU Member State.

The indicative budget for the co-financing of cooperation projects under this call amounts to 48,7 million euro.
The minimum grant for a cooperation project will be 500.000 euro. The maximum grant will amount to 1.500.000 euro.

The deadline for submitting proposals under this call for proposals on higher education cooperation in the framework of the European Tempus programme is 15 February 2011

Further information on the call for proposals published in the framework of the European Tempus programme can be found on the European Commission\'s EACEA web site.