European Project supporting the CLIL methodology

The First Transnational Meeting

Pixel organized and coordinated the kickoff meeting of the European project entitled CLIL4S – CLIL for STEAM, which was held on 25 – 26 November 2019 at Pixel in Florence (Italy). The European project entitled CLIL4S was funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for School Education. The CLIL4S project has been written and coordinated by Pixel in cooperation with the project applicant and scientific coordinator Szkola Podstawowa nr 5 im. Janusza Kusocinskiego w Swidniku based in Świdnik (Poland). The aim of the CLIL4S project is to address students under achievement in English as L2 and in STEM subjects through the promotion of an effective strategy for teaching STEM, combining them with the CLIL approach to in parallel raise the awareness among teachers and students of the relevance of teaching and learning foreign languages successfully. During the first meeting, the European project partners introduced themselves as well as their project’s related experiences and expertise. The main activities to be carried out were presented and discussed. The main intellectual outputs to be produced were examined and the templates for the production of the expected deliverables were analyzed and jointly discussed. More information about the CLIL4S European project is available at: