European Programme Creative Europe, Development of European Video Games

Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals EACEA/06/2015 - “Support for the Development of European Video Games” has been published by the European Commission, Directorate Education and Training.

The “Support for the Development of European Video Games” call has the objective to increase the capacity of European video game producers to develop projects with highly innovative content and quality gameplay, which will have the potential to circulate throughout Europe and beyond and to improve the competiveness of the European video games industry in European and international markets by enabling the retention of intellectual property by European developers.

The aim of the current “Support for the Development of European Video Games” call is to provide funds to video game production companies to develop works with high creative value and wide cross-border exploitation potential-

The eligible applicants for the “Support for the Development of European Video Games” Call for Proposals are European video game production companies which have been legally constituted for at least 12 months and that can demonstrate a proven track record. A European company is a company established in one of the countries participating to the MEDIA Sub-programme and owned, whether directly or by majority participation (i.e. majority of shares), by nationals from such countries.

Only the following ones are considered eligible activities under the current “Support for the Development of European Video Games” Call:

- Narrative storytelling video games regardless of platform or expected distribution method. In all cases the video game must be intended for commercial exploitation;

- reference works (encyclopaedias, atlases, catalogues, databases and similar);

- "how-to" works (instructional guides, manuals and similar);

- tools and software services aimed solely at technological development and/or used solely for further developing already existing game concepts;

- information or purely transactional services;

- projects promoting tourism;

- multimedia art projects and installations;

- websites being, or dedicated specifically to, social platforms, social networking, internet forums, blogs or similar activities;

- projects including pornographic or racist material or advocating violence;

- works of a promotional nature being part of a promotional campaign or advertising for a specific product and/or brand;

- institutional productions to promote a specific organisation or its activities;

- platforms for games;

- (interactive) e-books, interactive fictions, interactive animations, interactive documentaries;

- puzzle games, memory games, sports games, racing games, running games, rhythm/singing/dancing games, social games, quiz games, party games.

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of the development of video games is estimated at EUR 2 500 000. The financial contribution under these Guidelines is between EUR 10.000 and EUR 150.000 for the concept and project development of a video game (activities to the point that the concept leads to a playable prototype or trial version) provided the amount does not exceed 50% of the total eligible costs of the action. The Agency reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available. The maximum duration of the action is until 30 months from the date of submission.

The deadline for submitting proposals in the framework of the current “Support for the Development of European Video Games” call for proposals is 26 March 2015.

Further information on the current call for proposals is available on the European Commission’s web site at: