European Expert Network on Audiovisual

Call for Tenders

The Call for Tenders - EAC/30/2014 – “European Expert Network on Audiovisual” has been published by the European Commission, Directorate Education and Training.

The purpose of the current “European Expert Network on Audiovisual” call is to contribute to the improvement of policy development and programme management for the audiovisual sector in Europe through the setting up of an effective network of leading European centres and experts on audiovisual. This network will advise and support the Commission in the analysis of audiovisual landscapes, policies and instruments and their implications at national, regional and European levels. The network should also screen the most interesting policy/programme initiatives taking place outside EU in the field of audiovisual. The European Expert Network on audiovisual is expected to provide expert advice to policy makers, synthesizing current research and main issues in a way useful for policy development and programme management. The network should be able to provide high-quality advice and support in relation to all sectors and levels of the audiovisual sector considered in the broad sense (TV, cinema, online services, multimedia and video games).


The “European Expert Network on Audiovisual” call aims to provide analysis and policy briefs on a range of topics through a series of approx. 15 (fifteen) ad-hoc questions per year from the Commission. Such questions may emerge while the Commission is preparing important policy documents (such as Communications, Staff Working Documents, studies or consultation documents) or papers for meetings/events or to support activities taking place in the context of implementing the Commission's initiatives in the field of audiovisual. The network may be requested to prepare short analytical reports on topics to be decided by the Commission. The main aim of these reports will be to enhance the Commission's knowledge-base on particular topics and to support the preparation of important initiatives and policy cooperation activities. The network may be asked to prepare four (4) short analytical reports (of approximately 20 pages each, single-spaced, 12 Times New Roman) per year on topics to be decided by the Commission. Alternatively, the network may be requested to prepare two (2) longer studies (approx. 40 pages) per year. Representatives of the network may be requested to come to Brussels to present the results of their work (for example, a seminar to present an analytical report to Commission staff) and/or to discuss planning and coordination issues with the Commission. One such meeting per year must be foreseen and budgeted for.


The network under the “European Expert Network on Audiovisual” call is expected to provide policy-relevant advice that is clear, specific, constructive, concrete, relevant to the work of the European Commission, and formulated in a plain, non-academic language that can be understood and acted upon by non-specialists.


The topics covered by the the current “European Expert Network on Audiovisual” call for tenders may include, but are not limited to provide analysis on challenges and policies associated with the digital shift, the access to finance issue, the need for innovation and new business models, the new audience behaviours, the access to domestic and foreign markets, the training needs

- the audiovisual sector: structures, participants, relations between the actors along the value chains (authors, producers, sales agents, distributors, exhibitors, TV channels, VOD platforms, festivals, etc.)

- the economy of audiovisual; investments and returns, financial flows, tax regimes, access to data and transparency

- audiovisual policies and funding mechanisms

- audience behaviours, access and consumption patterns

- innovation in the audiovisual sector in the creation and/or distribution ends

­ dynamics and synergies between the audiovisual sector, other cultural sectors and/or other industries

- impact of new technologies on the economy of the sector

- film and media literacy policies and practices


The indicative intended commencement date is January 2015 and the period of execution of the tasks will be 24 months. Actual commencement will take place after signature of the contract by the last of the two parties. The contract may be renewed for a further period of 24 months (adding up to a maximum total duration of 48 months), subject to assessment of the quality of the services provided.


The deadline for submitting tenders in the framework of the current “European Expert Network on Audiovisual” call for tenders is 24 November 2014.


Further information on the current call for tenders is available on the European Commission’s web site at: