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Future of Internet 2013

European Call for Proposals

Future of Internet 2013

The Call for Proposals Future of Internet 2013 has been published by the European Commission, in the framework of work programme “Information and Communication Technologies” by the Community Research and Development Information Service of the European Commission.

The purpose of the current Future of Internet 2013, European call for proposals are improving the competitiveness of European industry and enabling Europe to master and shape future developments in ICT so that the demands of its society and economy are met. Activities will continue to strengthen Europe's scientific and technology base and ensure its global leadership in ICT, help drive and stimulate product, service and process innovation and creativity through ICT use and value creation in Europe, and ensure that ICT innovations are rapidly transformed into jobs and growth for the benefits of Europe's citizens, businesses, industry and governments.


The Future of Internet 2013 European call for proposals aims to:

  • to continue technological research on all basic building blocks of the Internet value and delivery chain, i.e. network technologies, digital media, services, security and Internet of objects. Driven by roadmap-based research it progresses the technological characteristics of systems and services;
  • to leverage new constituencies, in particular technological innovative industry and SMEs, focusing on new generations of web-based applications and services, in line with the Digital Agenda for Europe;
  • to redefine approaches towards future networked computing systems, laying the basis for the future European cloud computing strategy in all its dimensions, networks, services, security and content, and moving towards user-led applications that exploit both widely distributed devices and sensors and the power of clouds;
  • to combine technological and social innovation by investigating and experimenting new paradigms related to the Internet, both for future Internet architectures and holistic and multidisciplinary understanding of Internet developments;
  • to take the Future Internet PPP into its third and final phase at which it will open up large-scale trials to new constituencies of innovative developers following an open innovation model.


The expected impact of the current “Future of Internet 2013” call for proposals foresees:

  • developing key enabling technologies for the future generations of the European high-speed broadband and mobile network infrastructure;
  • improved flexibility and economic, spectral and energy efficiency of access/transport infrastructures;
  • strengthened positioning of European industry in the fields of Future Internet technologies, mobile and wireless broadband systems, optical networks, and network management technologies;
  • contributions to standards and regulation as well as the related IPR;
  • adoption by network operators of integrated all-optical networks and of spectrum- flexible broadband wireless systems.


The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of the action is estimated at EUR 130 million maximum.


The deadline for submitting proposals in the framework of the current “The Future of Internet 2013” call for proposals is 10 December 2013.


Further information on the current call for proposals is available on the Cordis’ web site at: http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/page/call_FP7?callIdentifier=FP7-2013-ICT-FI&specificProgram=COOPERATION#wlp_call_FP7


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