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European Strategic Objectives in Education and Training

Call for Proposals

European Strategic Objectives in Education and Training

The Call for Proposals EACEA/04/13:  Implementation of the European strategic objectives in education and training (stakeholder cooperation, experimentation and innovation) was published in the framework of the Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in Education and Training (ET 2020). The ET 2020 provides common strategic objectives for education systems of Member States, including a set of principles to achieve these objectives and common working methods with a set of priority areas for each periodic work cycle.


The general objective of this ET 2020 call for proposals is to encourage European policy cooperation to support — through ‘ET 2020’ — countries’ efforts to meet the objectives of ‘Europe 2020’, as reflected in the 2013 Annual Growth Survey and the Rethinking Education Communication, notably: developing skills for growth and competitiveness, strengthening youth employability and reducing early school leaving levels, in a context that prioritises efficient investment in education and training, by:


  • supporting awareness-raising and institutional commitment, coordination and partnership with all stake holders to promote, in particular, skills for growth and competitiveness and youth employability (part A),
  • supporting the development, testing and evaluation, by means of field trials, of innovative policy solutions to reduce early school leaving (part B).


The Eligible participants within this ET 2020 call for proposal must be organisations established incountries participating in LLP:


  • one of the 27 EU Member States,
  • the three EEA/EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway),
  • candidate countries (Croatia, Turkey)
  • Switzerland
  • Serbia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro


The eligible actions that can be founded within this ET 2020 call for proposal are:

Part A - Support to national implementation and awareness-raising of the objectives of European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020)

  • Awareness-raising activities stimulating national debates and dialogue linked to the implementation of the four strategic objectives of ‘ET 2020’ to support the ‘Europe 2020’ strategy,
  • establishment of stakeholder fora on national lifelong learning strategies to combat youth unemployment and to promote growth,
  • dissemination and awareness-raising activities under ‘ET 2020’ to enhance learning opportunities through alternative pathways,
  • follow-up actions at national level by linking the results of the open method of coordination to existing national programmes.


Part B — Support to implementation of innovative policy solutions at institutional level to reduce early school leaving, in line with the priorities set out in ‘Europe 2020’ and ‘ET 2020


  • development, testing and evaluation of innovative policy solutions to reduce early school leaving, by means of field trials carried out through transnational partnerships,
  • joint design and testing of innovative policy actions involving a sufficiently high number of educational establishments,
  • analysis, from a policy point of view, of the effectiveness, efficiency and conditions for scalability of policy experimentation results and for transnational transfer of good practices,
  • systematic dissemination at national and European level; facilitating transferability between different education and training systems and policies.

The total budget allocated to the co-financing of projects under this ET 2020 call for proposals is estimated at EUR 4 million. Financial contribution from the European Union cannot exceed 75 % of the total eligible costs. The maximum grant per project will be EUR 120 000 for part A and EUR 800 000 for part B.

The Deadline for submission of applications in the framework of this ET 2020call for proposal is 16 September 2013.

Further information on the current Call for Proposals of the ET 2020is available at the following Internet address:


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