European Project supporting Quality in Language Learning

The Fourth Transnational Meeting

Pixel organized and coordinated the fourth meeting of the European project entitled QUILL – Quality in Language Learning, which was held on 16 – 17 February 2023 at Pixel premises based in Florence (Italy). The European project entitled QUILL was funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education. The QUILL project was written and coordinated by Pixel in cooperation with the project applicant and scientific coordinator Instituto Politecnico de Bragança, based in Bragança (Portugal). The QUILL European project aims at providing language lecturers with the skills to identify, assess, use, create digital and ICT based language teaching sources. In addition, the QUILL project aims at providing decision makers and policy makers with the information and skills to enhance the implementation of digital and ICT based language teaching sources and method in the higher education systems. During the fourth meeting, European project partners presented the final version of the publication on the methodologies for an effective planning and implementation of digital and ICT based solutions for language teaching and learning in the Higher Education sector. In addition, European project partners presented the multiplier events carried out at national level and discussed possible strategies for the project sustainability. More information about the QUILL European project is available at: