European Project for the Promotion of Digital Skills in Higher Education

The Seventh Transnational Meeting

Pixel participated in the seventh meeting of the European project entitled AduLet (Advanced Use of Learning Technologies in Higher Education) which was held on 28-29 May 2019 at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). The European project entitled Adulet was funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 - Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education. The European project has been written and coordinated by the University of Ludwigsburg (Germany) and involves Pixel in the transnational partnership as experts in charge of quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation. This European project is aimed at modernizing Europe’s higher education systems by supporting lecturers in the acquisition of relevant digital skills. During the seventh meeting, representatives of all  European project partners discussed  the activities implemented as well as the finalization of the  project deliverables. A quality assessment of each of the intellectual output was made.  For the purpose, the project partners split up in groups to further check and finalize the deliverables and their consistency with the initial plans. The transversal activities were also being revised and evaluated (i.e. management, dissemination, exploitation and evaluation). Further information on the Adulet project and access to its results and deliverables is available on the project web site at: