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Information and Communication Technologies for Business Management

Date: 07.03.2011

The “ICT for Business Management” Initial Vocational Training Initiative gives the participating studenets the opportunity to:

• Learn abroad, in a different training environment that provide them with a better approach to the European Job Market
• Develop practical skills that enhance their future employability, for this reason the classroom based part of the initiative is organized integrating theory and practice and is always supported by practical simulations and activities.
• Have a direct contact and get to know the European Labour Market, participating in in-company training activities so as to understand the needs and expectations of companies making use of new technologies for Business Management, also learning about different existing experiences and work methods of another European Country (i.e. Italy)
• During the in-company visits the students will have the possibility to discover how companies operating in Italy in their field of study, carry out their activities. The students will find out how these companies organize their work as well as the specific skills and expertise their staff should have.
• Get in contact with pupils of other country, attending the same course of study. This gives the students involved the opportunity to develop a more aware and open minded approach to the concept of European citizenship, through the visits to Italian Vocational training Institutes and technical and vocational schools.

Presentation of the Study Visit

Angus College, United Kingdom
10 students and 4 teachers


  • Connectis Srl


    Connectis is a company based in Prato. It was created in 1999 by two computer engineers specialized in electronics. The company has a full time staff team of 12 people, most of them are experts in web development, the company also cooperates with a team of external experts and developers. Connectis’ core business is the creation of Internet applications addressed to public authorities operating in the field of tourism. The company is now the main technical partner of most of the Tuscan public bodies in charge of the promotion and marketing of tourism. The company develops tourism search engines, applications for the electronic transmission of data between tourism operators and public bodies etc. Connectis also develops tourism management database solutions as well as touch screen applications that are being used by public bodies in charge of tourism information. Connectis also develops internet solutions for local and regional associations of lawyers to help them in the digital connection with the Court.
    Finally Connectis develops educational online platforms as well as web sites and portal for different sectors: education, e-business, marketing etc.

  • Space


    SPACE Ltd is an Information Technology company dedicated to services for cultural innovation. At Space there is a multidisciplinary group of over 35 professionals - writers, physicists, computer scientists, archaeologists, engineers - specialists in the application of Information Society tools to cultural heritage.
    Space Ltd produces integrated digital solutions for museums and museum networks.

  • Mummu Accademy


    The “Cultural Association Mummuacademy” was created with the purpose, by borrowing the words of Henry Ford, to spread the benefits of cultural progress, science and technology.
    To this end, citizens, teachers, consultants and training professionals have joined together to create a proper and independent activities.
    They offer computer courses at a low price as to allow more people to participate.

  • PromoFirenze

    Public Authorities

    PromoFirenze is the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence . PromoFirenze provides services for the internationalization and development of small and medium enterprises.
    Promofirenze is a member of ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK - a European network inaugurated in 2008 by the European Commission\'s Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry. The network is part of the European Competitiveness and Innovation Program (CIP), which provides support to aspiring entrepreneurs, neo-entrepreneurs during the start-up stage, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
    Promofirenze operates as a BUSINESS INNOVATION CENTRE (BIC), for the purpose of spreading entrepreneurial culture and innovation. Along with other 160 BICs located in 21 European countries, Promofirenze is a member of the European BIC Network association, which is bound by contract to the European Commission.
    Since 1990 Promofirenze has represented the executive arm of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence for the development of export-oriented small and medium enterprises. Thanks to its integrated services, today it is considered the Agency which supports economic development

  • Technical and Vocational Institute Leonardo da Vinci

    Universities and Schools

    Leonardo da Vinci is a technical and vocational school created in September 1900.
    The school staff is composed by over 400 teachers.
    The school trains every year over 1000 students providing vocational education courses in the following disciplines: mechanics, construction, electronics, electrical engineering, telecommunications, chemistry, computer science.
    The age of the students of the Technical and Vocational Institute is 14 to 19.

  • Istituto Statale di Istruzione Superiore “Benvenuto Cellini”

    Universities and Schools

    The Institute was founded in 1999 as part of the downsizing of the school network operated by the Region and is built by joining two existing schools working in the Florence area: the Vocational Institute for Industry and Craftsmanship "Benvenuto Cellini" and the Vocational Institute "Lucrezia Tornabuoni, Caterina De \'Medici. "
    The school is divided in the following departments:
    - Design and fashion history - Art History - Tutorials and modeling package.
    - Electrical engineering and electronics.
    - Substances-historical-legal language.
    - Mechanics and Technology.
    - Mathematics - Physics - Science.
    - Psychology of Communication.
    - technique of advertising graphics.
    The age of the students of the Technical and Vocational Institute is 14 to 19.

Photo Gallery


A.K. Angus College, UK March 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

It was a positive experience. It was interesting and fulfilling. The activities were well organized and relevant.  Good balance with freetime.

B.T. Angus College, UK March 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

The company visits were extremely interesting and informative. They gave us a good insight into their activities.

D.M. Angus College, UK March 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

The mobility initiative was a very positive experience. Hospitality at Pixel was excellent, the staff was very helpful. The organisation of the visits was well structured.

F.E. Angus College, UK March 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

I found the lessons really useful.


I.F Angus College, UK January 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

The structure of the companies we visited was very interesting.  Our questions were answered clearly and our time was relaxed.I enjoyed the visits. They were prepared for our visit and made a PowerPoint presentation for us.

K.A. Angus College, UK March 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

The company visit were very interesting as I will be able to use the information we received. The staff was very helpful and answered clearly to our questions.

K.M. Angus College, UK March 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

During the course in Pixel I felt I was learning because we were given activities to do. It was very helpful and interesting.

L.S. Angus College, UK January 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

The company visit was very relevant to our course and helpful for seeing how a real company reacts to change.

In the Italian schools I enjoyed looking around and, even though not the same course of us business students, it was nice to see how Italian education is compared to our.

N.E. Angus College, UK March 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

The staff of the companies we visited was very open and explained the history of the company and how it developed. This was very relevant to our course.

T.A. Angus College, UK March 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

The company visits were positive and informative and we appreciated that they had given time to speak with us.


Z.A. Angus College, UK January 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

 Everything was very well organized and structured and communication with the tutor Stefano and all Pixel Staff was very clear.

More information can be obtained by writing to: [email protected]


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