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Business Management and Web Design

Date: 11.03.2013

 Within the framework of the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme (IVT) Angus College and Pixel organized a mobility initiative, which aimed at arranging internships with companies based in Florence focused on two thematic areas: Business Management and Web Design.

The objectives of the Business Management and Web Design Mobility Initiative were to give a group of students from technical and vocational schools the opportunity to:
• Have a practical in-company work experience
• Learn about different working methods in use of enterprises of a different country
• Acquire skills and work on the field in order to foster their future employability
• Acquire a stronger motivation to learn
• Get to know the European Labour Market

Presentation of the Study Visit

26 students from Angus College (Scotland)


  • Connectis Srl


    Connectis is a company based in Prato. It was created in 1999 by two computer engineers specialized in electronics. The company has a full time staff team of 12 people, most of them are experts in web development, the company also cooperates with a team of external experts and developers. Connectis’ core business is the creation of Internet applications addressed to public authorities operating in the field of tourism. The company is now the main technical partner of most of the Tuscan public bodies in charge of the promotion and marketing of tourism. The company develops tourism search engines, applications for the electronic transmission of data between tourism operators and public bodies etc. Connectis also develops tourism management database solutions as well as touch screen applications that are being used by public bodies in charge of tourism information. Connectis also develops internet solutions for local and regional associations of lawyers to help them in the digital connection with the Court.
    Finally Connectis develops educational online platforms as well as web sites and portal for different sectors: education, e-business, marketing etc.

  • Mummu Accademy


    The “Cultural Association Mummuacademy” was created with the purpose, by borrowing the words of Henry Ford, to spread the benefits of cultural progress, science and technology.
    To this end, citizens, teachers, consultants and training professionals have joined together to create a proper and independent activities.
    They offer computer courses at a low price as to allow more people to participate.

  • Uplink


    For 10 years Uplink Web Agency Ltd ® has been supporting companies and it has become their ideal partner in planning, developing and promoting their services and products.
    It has over 400 clients throughout Italy, with commercial and operational offices in Milan and Florence.
    Uplink also carries out training seminars on Management, and actively participates and cooperates in consortia, alliances with universities. It has a very dynamic working group, motivated and in continuous evolution.

  • Dotflorence


    DotFlorence Srl is a Web Agency based in Florence. The staff is composed of Italian and foreigner professionals: university professors, programming and graphic experts, photography and video artists, guru of marketing and classic communication and web 2.0, interns from Media and Journalism courses of the University of Florence and many other European Universities.
    DotFlorence Srl offers a complete range of Web Services: creation of static and dynamic sites in Asp and Php, indexing of sites on principal Italian and international search engines, furniture of translations in English and many other languages, creation of photographic and video services, flash animations, e-commerce and online transitions platforms, hosting services and dominions registration.
    DotFlorence Srl also directly manages an important network of touristic portals orientated on Florence e Tuscany. This Web Agency realized (and directly manages) more of 150 sites ranging from tourism to many disparate commercial sectors.

  • Aperion srl Web Agency is a Web & Seo Agency based in Florence and specialized in planning and development of web sites, optimization of positioning on search engines, web marketing concerning the tourism sector, professional web hosting.

  • Frankenstein Srl


    The company operates in three main areas: technologies, marketing, contents. Its offers addresses all aspects of the digital environments with a specific focus on culture and environment.

  • Neropaco


    Noè Multimedia srl is specialized in computer graphics, video and multimedia concerning the following sectors: medical-scientific, mechanical, artistic, cultural, transport, mobility, social communication and service.
    Noè Multimedia is creator of “CompAxon”, an iPad application for BtoB.

  • University of Florence, International Relations Department

    Universities and Schools

    The International Relations Department of the University of Florence is in charge of all International initiatives in which the University is involved. The Administrative Office of the department is in charge, among other issues, of the management of the financial aspects of the European cooperation projects in which the University is involved.

  • Hotel Palazzo Dal Borgo


    Four star hotel, located in the homonymous renaissance building built in 1480, among the oldest hotels in Florence. The hotel offer its guests evening lectures on Art and History of Florence.

  • AC Hotel Firenze


    Brand of Marriott International with over 3.400 hotels in the world, AC Hotels appeals to both the business and leisure traveler who seeks to experience the culture of the city while enjoying modern comforts, stylish design and the latest technology.

  • Noè Multimedia

    Noè Multimedia srl is specialized in computer graphics, video and multimedia concerning the following sectors: medical-scientific, mechanical, artistic, cultural, transport, mobility, social communication and service. Noè Multimedia is creator of “CompAxon”, an iPad application for BtoB.

  • CORE Tourism Network


     CORE is a Tuscan network of excellences in the tourism sector. People who enjoyed the network are extremely innovative and intend to meet the needs of public tour operators and private offerings. CORE’s main objective is the creation of services and products to support the tourism sector, in order to make a competitive product competitive and to acquire new clients.

  • Florence Town


    Florence Town was founded in 2006 by Luca Perfetto and Urbano Brini, with the mission to offer unique travels, based on innovative ideas, regular and tailor made tours and itineraries, with a selection of the most exclusive venues and top level services for individual travelers, small groups or special events.

  • Vertical Media


    Designers, copywriters, experts in Web Marketing, programmers: this is the Vertical Media team. Their "mission" is to help companies to promote their brand and improve and consolidate its business from the definition of the corporate and the creation of the website, to promotion through the most effective web marketing strategies.

  • Webag

    Companies is a professional team of digital communication, specialized in the creation of modern, attractive and functional websites. This web agency takes care of the strategic aspects of Web Design, Web Marketing and E-commerce, providing effective solutions for companies that want to use the internet successfully.

  • Mudocreativo


     Mudocreativo is a specialized web agency with specific know how in visual identities through the web, graphic design, brand identity and photography. Among its products, website developed by mini site, ecommerce site, nest, posters, catalogs, business cards and graphics coordinates. Through the assistance of web marketing, SEO, SEM and social media marketing, Mudocreativo makes sure that the web can be a \'good business opportunity and not just a business card.

  • Weekend in Florence


    Weekend a Firenze S.r.l. (Weekend in Florence) pioneered Italian tourism e-commerce with the first authentic Florentine goods and reservations service in 1995. Established by centuries-old Florentine families long connected to the arts of Florence, the site offers both armchair and on-the-road travelers global access to authentic, high-quality leather goods, marbled paper products, fashion accessories, art glass and ceramics, and books or interactive CDs on Italian art, culture, and history. Weekend a Firenze also offers an exclusive service not available elsewhere - on-line reservations to Florence\'s most popular museums, including the Uffizi. Weekend a Firenze is also the hub for other on-line services, including commercial Web hosting and design services for major Italian enterprises, and a chain of cyber-cafes offering convenient Internet access to Italian citizens and travelers alike.

  • Maggio Musicale Formazione


    Maggio Fiorentino Formazione is an academy of higher education, a center of excellence in training. Maggio Fiorentino Formazione addresses to several target groups (opera singers, set designers, orchestra, theater tailors, costume designers, makeup artists and hairdressers theater, sound technicians, set designers) offering them a unique opportunity from various points of view: the possibility of "experience" on the stage of a large theater, teaching by renowned artists, access to resources artistic, technical, logistical and stage of the theater.

  • Europe Direct Firenze

    Public Authorities

     Hosted by the City Council of Florence, Europe Direct Firenze is active on the territory of Florence since 1999, when it was part of the previous information network Info Point Europe. Europe Direct Firenze offers several services: information and assistance on policies, programs and funding of the European Union; an alert service on the main news from the Union; a searchable database of partners for European projects. The center is especially active in the promotion and implementation of events and seminars on the European subject in the Florence territory and in collaboration with numerous private and institutional partners.

  • Metropoli – Azienda Speciale Firenze

    Public Authorities

     Metropolis is the “operational tool” of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence. Through Metropolis, the Chamber of Commerce provides information on EU to local enterprises and communicates directly with businesses, offering them a number of advisory and technical assistance on issues related to the European Union.

Photo Gallery


A. K. Angus College, UK March 2011 Training Course & Study Visit

I am very glad and happy that I had the opportunity to have this experience. 

C.M.G. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

Thank you for this experience and opportunity. I really enjoyed the whole experience and work placement.  

C.R. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

I enjoyed the experience of seeing what a foreign work place is like. 

F.A. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

It was a fantastic experience, I learnt a lot of new concepts and also met some very friendly people. The company was really friendly and they always tried their best to engage us. I have discovered a fantastic city and learned a lot about the beautiful Italian ways. 

G.H. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

Really good experience and would recommend others to take the chance to go on the trip 

J.P. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

It was very good! I enjoyed the Program


K.D. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

I enjoyed my experience. I will return home with a lot of good memories.


L.F. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

I have enjoyed this experience. I was also able to attend an opera which is something I would not have done if I did not come on the internship  

L.T. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

This experience has made me want to achieve higher goals. The staff were very friendly and interested. 

M.C. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

I have really enjoyed my time here and I would definitely come back again. It was an enjoyable experience. Pixel staff were friendly and welcoming. 

M.M. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

I loved my stay. Lovely and sociable people. Nice weather. 

P.C. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

I would recommend the Mobility Initiative as it is a great way to gain experience and best way to get to know how organizations work. 

S.M.C. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

I really enjoyed myself and would recommend people to come here next year. All staff here are great and nice. Overall the two weeks experience was amazing.  

S.R. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

The work placement was very useful. The city of Florence was beautiful.  

S.S. Angus College, UK March 2013 Internship

This Program has given me an opportunity to learn a lot of new skills in the field in which I’d like to pursue a career. 

More information can be obtained by writing to: [email protected]


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