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Innovative Practices in Adult Education

Date: 03.02.2020

 The International Seminar “Innovative Practices in Adult Education” aims to provide participants with the opportunity to get to know and compare – with their own experience – the strategies and the practices for organizing and managing adult education initiatives at European and at national (Italy) level.

The specific objective of the “Innovative Practices in Adult Education” International Seminar is to give participants the opportunity to:
- Acquire knowledge about the current European policies and strategies for the organization and the management of Adult Education
- Acquire information of the existing methods and experiences for the organization and the management of Adult Education initiatives
- Experience the delivery of Adult Education lectures
- Acquire a better understanding of the Italian and the Tuscan Adult Education system
- Acquire information about how Adult Education is organized and managed in Italy
- Share best practices with Adult Education institutions both at public and private level
- Develop new contacts and explore opportunities of cooperation

Presentation of the Study Visit

16 teachers from CKZiU (Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego) of Krakow (Poland)


  • Biblioteca Delle Oblate

    Universities and Schools

     Biblioteca delle Oblate is a public reading library, inaugurated on 25 May 2007 in the center of Florence (a few steps from Piazza Duomo). The library is housed in the suggestive 14th former convent of t Oblate, from which it takes its name. Today the library tis a cultural space designed to read, study, and participate in the cultural life of the city, offering free services aimed at all age groups.

  • Libri Liberi Library


     Libri Liberi is a bookshop and a publishing house in the hearth of Florence. It operates in several sectors: theatrical and cultural activities with children and young people (theater performances, reading courses, theater courses for adults), adult education (in particular people suffering of Alzheimer), teachers’ training, learning activities addressed to students with disabilities.

  • CPIA Sassetti - Peruzzi

    Universities and Schools

     CPIA Sassetti Peruzzi is a state school established by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. The school offers Italian and foreign citizens adult education services and activities, considered as an element to encourage the personal, cultural, social and economic growth of all citizens.

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A. D., CKZiU Krakow (Poland), February 2020 – Training Course & Study Visit

 I liked the visits to different institutions, for example the “Libri Liberi” bookshop and the “Biblioteca delle Oblate”. It was a good experience

D. S., CKZiU Krakow (Poland), February 2020 – Training Course & Study Visit

The course was very well organized and interestingly conducted. Very interesting visits to libraries

W. P., CKZiU Krakow (Poland), February 2020 – Training Course & Study Visit

 Thank you very much for preparing such an interesting course programme and study visit. We really appreciated the nice atmosphere and professional, helpful teachers. The course was well developed for our needs and expectations

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